Beauty Trends to Expect in 2022

Skincare Continues to Takeover

It’s clear how popular skincare trends became in 2021; slugging, Jade Rollers, Gua Sha Massage Stones etc. According to industry analysts, we can expect to see a lot more innovation in the skincare sector come 2022.

With last year’s rise of ‘skinimalism’, where we shunned the extensive multi-step routines and began to adopt a more intuitive approach to product usage, based on our own skin needs, skincare brands are now prioritising quality over quantity.

Here at the Pro Co, we take great pride in carefully formulating each and every product to ensure they are full of naturally beneficial ingredients, with minimal skin-irritating or synthetic actives. We strive to make our products as eco-friendly as possible, as well as always PETA approved!

Simplified Sustainability in 2022

The war on greenwashing in the beauty industry will continue to rage. Last year showed that consumers actually went beyond just the products, taking the time to research the ethics and carbon footprint of the brands they buy from and question how sustainable their purchasing habits are.

This may be due to the pandemic giving customers more free time to choose what and why they purchase…or perhaps the increase in unsustainable brands revamping their image and product range towards greener choices has brought this into focus. Whichever it is, we’re just happy that sustainability is becoming a favoured route to take within the beauty industry - it’s about time!

When it comes to sustainable formulations, innovations in waterless products are taking off. ‘Condensed beauty’ – a new movement coined by foresight consultancy The Future Laboratory – is all about brands discovering new ways to amplify the results and efficiency of beauty formulas, while reducing product waste…something we at the Pro Co are researching too!

Hybrid Products

The rise in hybrid products makes a lot of sense when you think about it! Hybrid cosmetic and skincare products that can minimize our routines are the future of beauty – they just make more sense for our wallet, watches and washroom cabinets, after all.

But the real drive behind growing consumer trends is not just skin-deep; clean living is becoming a prominent trend, in particular decluttering your lifestyle, whether it be your makeup bag or your wardrobe. I’m sure you all saw the aesthetically pleasing organisation videos that were multiplying across social media last year (we love a label maker!)

The modern, more eco-conscious consumer, no longer want long ingredient lists, nor do they want extracts that aren’t ethically sourced and they definitely don’t find it necessary to have excessive packaging. ‘Efficient beauty regimes’ is a great way to sum this up (as skinimalism means a beauty routine with minimal impact) making more room for hybrid products that work harder. Who doesn’t love one product that has multiple benefits and at Pro Co, we have a variety of these available if you want to take a browse!

Expect “Y2K” Beauty Looks Everywhere

This year is predicted to be a celebration of individualism, which may become a central beauty movement. Amplified by TikTok, and with the resale platforms like Vinted and Depop being a hotbed for fashion, sustainability and recycling are a huge social concern.

Additionally, the year 2000 is back in terms of beauty trends; from baby braids to thin brows, icy eyeshadow, face gems and yes…body shimmer (who doesn’t love a glow!)

Although we don’t supply natural cosmetics (yet) we definitely offer skincare products to ensure these Y2K looks don’t damage your skin or cause a breakout! Our Gentle Cleanser is perfect for removing your makeup, as well as providing a daily cleanse to wash away the dirt and grime that builds up during the day. Follow this with our Replenishing Toner to even out your skin tone, alongside one or all of our new serums; Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol and Vitamin CGlow your way through 2022!