International Tiger Day

Here at the Pro Co, we want to help the world to be more sustainable. We love our planet and the animals in it, and so to celebrate International Tiger Day today, we have chosen to donate to David Shepherd Wildlife. We hope by adopting a tiger and spreading the word of David Shepherd’s amazing work, we can try and make a difference in preventing these beautiful creatures from becoming extinct.

Today, there are a mere 3,800 tigers left in the wild. 96% of the world’s tiger population has been wiped out in the last 100 years and the remaining tigers are fighting against extinction. Caspanian, Javan and Bali tigers are now completely extinct, with South Chinese tigers now extinct in the wild too. We want a future where species are protected and where the next generation can admire the same creatures we share this planet with; that's why we've adopted a Bengal Tiger.

You can also help from as little as £3 a month. With your donation, you will be funding protection programmes throughout national parks in India, ensuring that Bengal tiger habitats are safe from poachers and habitat destruction.

Tigers are amazing, majestic creatures that need to be protected; help us to do that today by donating here:

Quick Tiger Facts:

  •  A group of tigers is called an Ambush or a Streak
  • Tigers are the largest of all Asian cats; they can weigh in at 47 stone
  • Tiger stripes are like human fingerprints, the stripes are unique to each individual
  • The oldest tiger in the world was 26
  • Half of all tiger cubs don't live past the age of 2