Body Buffing Brush

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Our Body Brush is plastic-free and made from FSC© Certified Beech Wood with a cotton handle and natural Sisal fibres. Use dry on your legs and arms for an invigorating massage. If your skin is particularly sensitive, use with warm water and soap.


Dry brushing is perfect for exfoliating dry or problem skin. It helps detoxify by increasing blood circulation and promoting lymphatic drainage. Dry brushing also helps to unclog pores as well as prevent ingrown hairs. Regular brushing stimulates your nervous system, leaving you feeling invigorated and smooth!


The Sisal fibres can be firm when first used, so rub lightly in circular motions, being extra gentle on delicate areas such as your chest. The brush is perfect for tougher skin on your knees, elbows, back of the arms and legs as well as the top of your feet, where the skin is thicker.

Eco pledge: The Pro Co. tackle the continuing environmental issues by using eco-friendly packaging. 
Use morning or evening to gently buff away dead skin cells to help reveal soft and smooth skin. Use with our Firming & Toning Lotion for extra smooth results.

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